Jura and Colonsay



DJ has a long link with Jura from boyhood holidays in Loch Tarbert and exploring the wild coastland and caves. He has run the famous Fells of Jura race over the ‘Paps’ many times and to this day still holds the local record. He has also helped to count the herds of deer on the annual deer count covering most of the island estates. Trout and sea trout fishing is also available on Jura. Sea eagles, arctic skua and short eared owls are the rarer birds to look out for.




DJ's ancestral homeland. The MacPhees of Colonsay were hereditary keepers of the records of the Lords of the Isles. Colonsay has lots of lovely walks and DJ has walked and run on a lot of the island and visited some of the historical sites as well as looking at the wildlife and their habitat. Trout fishing is available on Colonsay as well as seashore foraging (if the tide is right). The chough, corncrake and eider duck are Colonsay's iconic birdlife. Colonsay visits from Islay are only available on Wednesdays and Saturdays during the summer season.