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Wild Camping


One of the great joys of wild camping is the chance to sleep under the stars in beautiful wild and coastal locations.  Stay one night or possibly more – and then move on.  Enjoy Islay’s long and remote coastline which provides a haven for birds and wildlife in the rivers, lochs, moorland, and glens.  Watching the sunrise will make all your aches and pains of hiking through the wilderness seem worthwhile. 


DJ can help you forage and fish on lochs and the seashore to supplement your food rations.

There are countless magical spots in Islay that are perfect for a night in the wilderness.  DJ can lead you on the right path to find the magical spots.  The reward is spectacular natural beauty and a feeling of satisfaction and inner calm.

We plan our walk on the individual or the group (no more than four), choice of choosing a location for camping, then work out distance and timings.  Tents, food and cooking utensils are supplied but individuals are requested to take their own rucksack and sleeping bag.  Good waterproofs and sturdy walking boots are essential.   The weather is notoriously changeable so it is vital that you pack the right kit to keep you warm, dry and safe.  As you will be walking with camping kit on your back, a lightweight approach really pays dividends.  

It is important that you leave no trace when camping in the wilderness.  This means taking all rubbish out with you.  Sometimes we can do our bit for the environment and take the extra rubbish off the beach.

Adventure Running

An exciting activity exploring the wild coastal areas, visiting caves, waterfalls and surprising the wildlife by getting up close to them. Running with goats and deer in their surrounding habitat. Watch the seals and otters on the seashore. This can all be arranged to suit your fitness levels.


Explore beaches and rugged coastline.  Beachcombing is a fascinating and soothing mindful activity that involves exploring the shoreline in search of treasure such as driftwood, floats, fossils, sea creatures, interesting pebbles, sea glass, animal footprints, seaweed etc.



Other activities that can be arranged include metal detecting and wildlife photography.


A combination of some of the above activities can be arranged for a day.